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Looking for a dental clinic that you can trust? From wanting 'a New Smile' to needing 'a Dental Checkup' for you and your family, a New Patient Appointment is the best starting point for your Dental Health.

Utilising advanced dental technologies and state-of-the-art onsite laboratory services, the Smile Artistry philosophy is to provide complete care through early diagnosis and treatment, combining comfort, function and beauty. 

Integrating the purpose built, state of the art practice it is today, Smile Artistry are Brisbane Dentists who are the experts in quality dental care, providing unparalleled dental services and treatments to all of its patients. The Smile Artistry Team is made up of three Dentists, a Medical Anaesthetist, three Dental Hygienists, Four Dental Technicians, Front Office Staff and Dental Assistants. 

Smile Artistry, established in 1958 is a long standing private and family-owned Brisbane Dentist, a dental practice that you can trust with a long history of excellence. Established in the 1958 by Dr Max Kenny in Taringa, Brisbane, and moved down the road to Toowong in 1982 by Dr Graham McKay.  Dr Graham McKay built a purpose designed facility on Sherwood Road Toowong renowned for leading quality, exceptional care and cosmetic dental treatments. Dr John Bacalakis and Dr Paul McKay now run the practice as a family-owned Dental Practice and along with Dr Graham McKay all Dentists provide high quality care to Smile Artistry Patients.

Brisbane Dental Practice Accreditation

Personalised Dental Care

You can feel confident that time, attention and personalisation are given to you when creating your treatment options. All patients are treated as an individual and given the appropriate time and attention-to-detail, ensuring you are confident and happy with your smile.


Our team is highly trained and experts in their dental profession. Continued education and up-to-date technology keep our team skilled, knowledgeable and capable to produce high quality dental work. We deliver beautiful, happy and healthy teeth and smiles by achieving excellence in dental work.

Our Services and Dental Treatments

At Smile Artistry, Toowong Brisbane we create beautiful smiles. Our services including a full range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and dental implant dentistry allowing our team to keep your teeth healthy and your smile looking its best. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Care with modern dental treatment to give you the most aesthetically appealling smile.  Modern technology, experienced Cosmetic Dentists, onsite Dental Laboratory to create Porcelain Veneers and Crowns and digital dental workflows.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatments in the one location. From the planning and CBCT x-rays to the Dental Implant Surgery to the Final Porcelain and Zirconia Teeth, Smile Artistry is a total care Dental Implant practice which performs all stages of Dental Implant Procedures onsite in the one location delivering high quality treatments in a coordinated approach.

General Dentistry

Our General Dental Care programs use a systematic approach in preventing and treating Dental Decay and Gum Disease.  Modern technology used in Dental Checkups at Smile Artistry is state-of-the-art from the CBCT and OPG digital xray systems to the digital scanner with Trios system to the Diagnocam which can effectively evaluate a tooth for cracks or decay around fillings like never before.

Ouf Full Range of Dental Treatments includes:


… and a whole lot more. We even provide Twilight Sedation sleep dentistry – allowing young and anxious patients to ‘dream’ their way through their treatment and wake up with a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Toowong Dental Practice

latest-dental-technology-toowong.pngLocated in Toowong, our purpose-built Smile Artistry dental clinic features six clean and comfortable surgeries, which look out onto a relaxing rainforest garden atrium and are fully equipped with overhead LCD screens and a wide array of movies to keep you entertained, while we take care of your smile. Integration of the latest dental technologies means digital scans, xrays and 3d jaw scanning all onsite also with on-hand dental technicians providing the highest levels of quality to Australian standards, but also an unsurpassed ability to match colour, shape and appearance of teeth and smiles to the individual.

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